6 Must-Have Personal Care Products For Everyday Hygiene

Personal care products are very important for maintaining hygiene. It helps one groom and stay in the best of health. Today’s scenario has made a lot of things necessary to ensure dangerous virus and germs stay away.

Hygiene should not be compromised on. Hygiene products are extremely essential for cleanliness and good health. These should be an essential part of your everyday grooming routine.

Personal Hygiene – Why Is It Important?

Personal hygiene is a part of health care. Right from bathing daily to washing hands a few times in a day to cutting nails, and combing hair, one must follow a routine for maintaining hygiene. Personal care or hygiene products for men and women are essential for some obvious reasons. These products help in preventing unwanted illnesses. Good hygiene will facilitate you preserve overall health and wellbeing.

Here is a list of top 6 personal care products you must buy:

1. Cotton Towel

Invest in at least 3-4 soft cotton towels and keep them handy. These need to be washed and sanitized on a regular basis. These towels are used for wiping face, hands, and body. Make sure these are changed every day. Also avoid sharing it with anyone else in the family.

2. Face Wash

Taking care of face is important. It is also the part of body that you touch most of the time. Using a face wash will make sure you get the fresh cleansing solution each time. This is more hygienic than soap bars that get touched each time someone uses it. A soap bar harbors germs from hands that get on it. Liquid hand washes and body washes are usually preferred by medical experts.

3. Body Wash

A body wash is always a better choice than a soap bar. It is more hygienic and feels better on the skin. Many of these products are made for killing germs, cleansing skin gently and keep you smelling fresh for many hours.

4. Oral Hygiene Products

Oral hygiene is much more than just toothbrush and toothpaste. It must include a mouthwash and dental floss. Most people do not consider this essential. This is a huge mistake. Flossing each night is crucial for controlling plaque build-up. Mouthwash will help keep bad smell away and fight bacteria.

5. Antiperspirants

It is an absolute essential for individuals living in a tropical country. Summers can be really tough and sweating can lead to several issues including bad odor and discomfort. Moisture trapped in body is bad for hygiene health and make for a breeding place for bacteria and germs. Antiperspirant products can control sweating and keep germs and bacteria away.

6. Sanitizer

Sanitizers are a must have in your personal care items list. Invest in one that is capable of exterminating a wide range of fungus, bacteria. It should be effective against viruses keeping in mind the present age scenario and pandemic. Club R Premium Citrus Fragrance Hand Sanitizer is available with mild floral lavender fragrance. It helps reduce the spread of infection and virus by hands. The sanitizer is gentle, non-irritating and skin-friendly. It also claims to kill 99.9% germs reducing the spread of virus and infection by hands. Handy bottles are the best options as these can be conveniently carried on the go. Medical experts have recommended hand sanitizers during this period of pandemic as they hold tendency to reduce the number of microbes on hands.

In a Nutshell

Following the above listed tips and investing in the products mentioned will help you keep yourself and your family in good health. It is also important to keep illnesses at bay and fight off any pandemic that may strike in future.

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