Top 4 Tips for Creating a Good CV

Are you searching for a job and need some effective tips on how to write or improve your curriculum vitae? You have come to the right place! In this article, you can find 4 simple tips and tricks to catch the eye of recruiters and stand out from other candidates!

Know What a Good CV Is

In order to be able to build a good CV, you first have to know what it is. Notice that the type of CV expected may vary depending on your industry and the position sought. Nevertheless, the recruiters’ expectations are rather equivalent in most countries such as the United Kingdom. To make a difference in the midst of long piles of resumes, there are a few good tricks to know and a few pitfalls to avoid. But before all, we advise you to use a trustworthy CV creator like It allows you to have an effective layout quickly. Remember that the CV presentation matters, it helps you stand out from the crowd from the start.

Start the Content Properly with the Contact Details

Job seekers usually start the CV by indicating their name and first name as well as their contact details such as their cell phone number and email address at the top of the page. If you have a profile on a professional social network like LinkedIn, for example, feel free to add a link to your page! The point is to keep it short while providing all the necessary information to the recruiter so that they can contact you more easily if you are selected.

Give your CV a Title to catch the recruiters’ eye

Your resume is your best passport to employment, so it is highly important to give it an effective catchy title. Plus, it is a simple way to indicate which role you are applying for when you spontaneously apply or respond to a job advertisement. In this case, do not hesitate to use the title presented in the offer. Many job applicants neglect their CV title while it is one of the first elements that catch the recruiter’s attention.

Add summary in your CV

It is not always easy to market yourself but know that this little effort will have the most beautiful effect in the eyes of recruiters. It is highly recommended to make a sort of summary by writing 2 to 3 lines of presentation by emphasizing your background and your personality. Also add information such as availability and the position you are looking for.

Build a CV online

There are numerous tools to help you create a beautiful resume like Microsoft Office Word, WPS Office Writer, PDF and InDesign. Moreover, if you are unaware of the skills you have or have no realistic abilities to write a good CV, there are online tools to help you out. Those tools are known as a CV generator or a CV creation site. Those offer free CV formats that are made by graphic designers that are really proficient. They are really creative and have excellent organizational skills and especially have good IT abilities with design. You simply need to pick out the most suitable CV layout.

Integrate colours into your resume format

Your CV should be clear and structured if you want to stand out from other applicants. Pick a maximum of 3 colors. To settle on your choice, opt for black and white or blue if you want to show a level of creativity and your professionalism. However, if you don’t want to make your resume looks bland, add other colors like orange, yellow, red or fuchsia.

What else …?

You should do the outmost to create a unique Curriculum Vitae because many companies are enamored of that kind of resume. Make sure the structure of your CV is flexible and also you can use decent built-in CV templates. Know that whatever the job position you are applying for, employees always look for something good and unique. One more thing to help you land a job is to discover some resume examples on the internet, or on Pinterest. Last but not the least, put your photo on your resume. It is beneficial to your job application but be sure that it is a professional portrait.

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