How You Can Manage Your Online Reputation? Learn The 5 Ways

Managing online reputation is not just a buzz, it’s a need for every online marketer aiming to take off their business to a certain height. Without setting up a strong reputation online, no business can brand itself in this competitive marketplace. This is when they stick to Google Alerts, Talkwalker, Mention, or other brand’s reputation management tool.

Monitoring the brand online has a specific process that you need to follow. You can even rely on the ORM experts and avail their reputation repair services to avoid performing the job all alone.

In this article, we have listed down a few steps and ideas regarding how you can manage your brand reputation online. Check out them below.

5 Interesting ways to manage your online reputation

1. Answer to every comment promptly: Sometimes the best ORM happens when you answer to comments instantly and accurately. Maximum buyers read the comments and reviews before deciding on their purchases. Not just that, responding to the comments in no time is a great sign for a strong customer-business relationship. It strengths the brand credibility and gains customer loyalty.

A survey has proved that 83% of people expect responses to their social media comments. They use social media channels to reach out to the brands and share their experiences or queries. And it is your responsibility to reply to every comment even if the work is tiring and time-consuming.

Answer to the comments with empathy and generate more numbers of viewers and customers. Haven’t you found the posts with 200k comments? Such posts go viral on the internet and create great engagement. It is indeed a great way to build an online reputation.

2. Address negative content: Negative content such as negative reviews, negative feedback, negative posts bring down the reputation score for a brand. To improve the brand reputation and to retain the business image, addressing the negative content and eliminating them wisely is necessary.

82% of customers browse the review generating sites or scroll the social media profile to read the reviews generated by other customers. Based on these reviews they decide whether they should opt for the product or not. If the reviews are positive, they immediately place an order. Or else, they move to other alternatives.

Use the review management tools to push back the negative reviews or eliminate them. However, make sure you won’t spend the entire time addressing the negative content. You must take care of brand mentions, positive reviews, and other social activities as well to improve your business reputation online.

3. Focus on search engine results: To manage a strong brand reputation, the business should always possess high search engine results. Does your website position at the top of SERPs? If not, make sure you work on this first, before you head to fix other ORM problems.

SEO is an imperative part of online reputation management. It determines the business health, encourages the website traffic, and simultaneously, establish a strong reputation online. For a brand, SEO and search engine results matter a lot.

Ideally, the sites ranked on the top 3 attain more clicks and a high volume of traffic. This creates a high tendency to generate high conversions in no time. So, even if you are much more interested in paid advertising and other marketing techniques, don’t forget to boost your SEO. This has a lot to do with your ORM.

4. Automate online reputation management: Many marketers plan to perform the ORM task manually. They try to fix the problems by themselves, as they feel monitoring social media, reviews, forums, and other web sources is not a great thing. However, the picture is completely different.

Managing social media sites and other sources manually are quite tiring and time-consuming. Not just that, manual work often comes with numerous errors and flaws. To avoid these and to perform the task with perfection, the idealistic way is to automate it.

Register your brand in tools that are specialized in monitoring social media sites, reviews, mentions, competitor sites, industry trends, websites, forums, and much more. Just set an alert and you will be notified with the real-time reports. You can even crawl to the dashboard and view the performance chart. It’s that easy.

Zero effort, visible results!


From social media monitoring to website monitoring and competitor site tracking, a brand should have a real-time report for every activity it makes online. Is that what you want?

Look for a reputation management firm and check out their reputation management services pricing. The experts are specialized in using the advanced and appropriate tools and trending techniques to manage the brand online.

Enjoy your brand reputation now.

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