Social Media Platforms 2020

No doubt, social media has changed our lives and standard of living. According to January 2020 statistics, there are globally 3.8 billion active users of social media, which is 49% of the world’s population. And if we take a look at UK stats, 66% of the total population of the UK is using social media in which 79% of users are above than 13 years. According to Emarketer stats 90.4% of millennials and 77.5% of Generation X uses social media.

Social media is a technology which provides you platforms to share your thoughts, ideas, opinion on certain events and information. We are living in the digital era where everyone is connected digitally—social media platforms facilities you to connect and communities on a broader level. Social media is also a source of entertainment for a lot of people. People use social media platforms for sharing their pictures, videos and memories.

Role social media platforms are playing in our daily life

News and information

Nowadays everybody has a smartphone in their hands. We all connected to the whole world every time through social media platforms. This social media has changed how we connect to each other? The Source of our news is also changed. There was a time when people get news from television or newspaper, or we can say from traditional media, but now you are getting news of every event happening around the world, or outside the world through social media platforms. Anything that happens in the world instantly got tweeted on Twitter or appeared on your Facebook timeline. Social media is the quick and rapid source of news and information. The world has shrunk. Now the people living on the south pole has information about the north pole. And the first and initial source of information is digital media which is consist of social media platforms.

Social media and business:

Social media platforms play a vital role in promoting business. Almost every brand and company have their pages on social media. Besides that, several people ran their small or big online business through these social media platforms and providing their services and products to the people through this forum. These platforms provide a number of facilities. It allows you to know the feedback of your customers and to communicate with them easily. Communication is an important aspect of business. Communication is the key to the success of the business and to know what your customers need and expect from you. It also helps you improve your business and products as per consumers’ demand.

Social media platforms let you know about trending things and about the changes in the interest of consumers. Your online presence also gave you information about your competitors. Online promotion of your business does not cost very much. It is affordable and easy. Social media platforms are now using for advertisements as well. You can see a flood of advertisements on social media because the number of audiences engages on these platforms is very big. Everyone, whether rich or poor, have a smartphone and social media accounts. 99% of social media users are using it through their mobile phones.

Education and social media platforms:

Social media platforms are also used for educational purposes. Education material on every topic is available on the internet. Demonstrations, tutorials, essays, articles, lectures, and online courses are available on these social media platforms. A large number of students get benefits from this because online platforms like cheap essay writing service uk have a strong social presence and help students by updating their social blogs and discounts.
Social media platforms we have in 2020:


Facebook is the most dominant social media platform, with 2/45 billion users across the globe. With such a large audience, it is the biggest social media platform. Almost everyone in 2020 or social media user has a Facebook account. Even every company and brands are using Facebook for promoting their businesses because of its massive reach. People use Facebook for sharing their pictures, videos, and entertainment. You can find every kind of stuff on Facebook. There is a number of groups and pages which provide you with entertainment and information of your interest. You are connected to the whole world through Facebook. You can add knowledge and unknown people and connect to them or chat with them through Facebook.


The second most popular social media platform is YouTube. It has more than 2 billion users throughout the world. The content found on the internet is in the form of videos. But the most important aspect is you can find every kind of video on YouTube can easily find the content of his or her interest easily on YouTube. A large number of videos on different genera are available on YouTube. This social media platform is not only used for entertainment and educational purpose, but a number of people are earning handsome amounts through YouTube. There are different channels which provide different type of content on YouTube. This platform can be used for awareness of people, social issues, the changing dynamics of the world and also for entertaining educational purposes. This platform is also used for making Vlogs which has also become very popular among people in the last few years.


Twitter also has a large number of users. It is said ever news very important or less important spread through Twitter. It is the initial source of getting news. Because people are globally connected through Twitter. Every global or domestic issue is raised and discussed on Twitter as it has the official accounts of the authorities and people in power. Twitter trends also play an important role. It is the platform which provides you with a platform to raise your voice against any issue.


LinkedIn is the largest professional website with 675 million-plus members. It is used for seeking jobs, increasing business connections and links, and also for new business ideas. A large number of freelancers are also there. This social media platform also has a large number of audiences who are using this platform for professional and job-seeking purposes.

Other platforms:

Other social media platforms include Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Reddit. But we can say that the purpose of all social media platforms is to connect people globally.

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